Welcome Composite Fan Customers

Virtual Polymer Compounds, LLC (“VPC”) has reached an agreement with Metal Cladding, Inc. under which Virtual Polymer Compounds has acquired Composite Fan Technology (“CFT”) a division of Metal Cladding. Under the terms of the agreement, CFT and related operations will be added to VPC, expanding its current capabilities and offered products. Established in 2004, VPC is a leader in providing innovative fiberglass solutions for an array of industries. VPC works with industrial and municipal water and wastewater markets, as well as government, commercial and residential customers.

This acquisition will further build on the exceptionally high-quality product produced by CFT. VPC is confident that the synergies created by this acquisition will allow customers to experience reduced lead times, exceptional customer service and a commitment to expanding the scope and quality of CFT products. Furthermore, David Riggs, who has been your point of contact, will be making the transition to VPC as well. Our hope is that this will provide a minimal and seamless change for all of CFT's customers. Effective immediately, all quotes and purchase orders will be processed through VPC and its CFT division. All inquiries can be directed to David Riggs at dave@vpcfiberglass.com or VPC General Manager James Minner, at 585-735-9668, through the website or via e-mail to info@vpcfiberglass.com.

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