Fiberglass Restoration and Repair

VPC is also able to repair and restore fiberglass products both on-site and at our Medina, NY facility. We have repaired tanks on site for food processing plants, power plants, industrial film processing plants, and waste water treatment plants.

We repair lift baskets and booms that suffer from nicks and cracks, or even lack a protective gel-coat due to wear and tear over the years. As experienced fabricators and manufacturers of hundreds of quality fiberglass products, you can rest assured that repairs will be carried out by a thorough, experienced staff. We recommend that repairs are completed at our facility, however, we also understand the need for, and provide, on-site fabricators as well.

Our repair specialists are OSHA and confined space entry certified.

Lift Bucket and Boom Repair

VPC has been providing fiberglass aerial lift bucket and boom repair since 2007, repairing or restoring hundreds of manlifts during that time. Our Fiberglass Repair Specialists have the expertise and the experience to offer both structural repair and the cosmetic restoration of damaged fiberglass aerial buckets. With safety always the #1 concern, VPC has the engineering and structural fiberglass and fiberglass fabrication experience needed to complete the repair.

VPC’s trained laminators and fabricators will perform a complete inspection of the lift bucket and/or boom. For structural repairs our laminators use at least 2 layers of 1.5 oz of chopped strand mat, which insures that the completed repair is as strong as new, often times even stronger! The cosmetic restoration involves grinding, sanding and repair of cracks, fractures and scratches. Both the interior and exterior of the bucket is then gel-coated completing the repair as good as new! Broken or damaged hardware is fixed or replaced.

Take advantage of our pick-up and delivery service, or we can come to you and complete the repair at your location. Conveniently located on Route 104 in Medina, VPC can quickly and effectively service both the Buffalo and Rochester markets easily. Our long list of satisfied customers include Frontier Telephone, Lewis Tree, Time Warner Cable, Terry Tree and American Aerial to name a few. Call today for an appointment!

Our service includes:
Pick Up and Delivery
Complete Inspection
Free Quotation
Interior/Exterior Repair
Interior/Exterior White or Gray Gel-Coat Finish
Installation of New Hardware

Fiberglass Aerial Lift Bucket & Boom Repair Flyer

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On-Site Tank Repair

VPC Fiberglass can help you maintain your current fiberglass product by offering our maintenance and repair expertise. We routinely perform on-site or at our facility repairs for fiberglass tanks, duct work, and pipe. Our qualified repair specialists are trained in OSHA Safety Standards and Confined Space Entry procedures. VPC repair specialists have repaired fiberglass for food processing, nuclear, industrial, coal burning power, water treatment, chemical, and industrial film processing plants.

As experienced fabricators and manufacturers of hundreds of quality fiberglass products, you can rest assured that repairs will be carried out by a thorough, experienced staff. VPC offers free local estimates of repair and is committed to working when you are not to help minimize your downtime.

Our service includes:
Fiberglass tank cracks
Fiberglass tank fractures
Fiberglass tank liner for fiberglass tanks
Fiberglass tank liner for concrete tanks
Fiberglass tank liner for steel tanks
New man ways
New flanged fittings
Fiberglass duct work
Fiberglass pipe and pipe fittings
Fiberglass buildings and enclosures
Fiberglass covers
Repair or replace old steel stairs, railings, gratings and platforms

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VPC repair specialist ensures all necessary safety equipment is working and properly secured. Tank Repair. Industrial FRP Tank to be repaired. Tank Repair. Tank Repair VPC repair specialists on site for FRP Tank repair entering tank. After entering tank, VPC repair specialist conducts visual inspection. Interior tank repair in progress. We Repair Tanks On Site!

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