Fiberglass Booths

These fiberglass shelters offer greater durability than metal, wood or concrete in a lightweight structure, and represent an attractive, non-corrosive, non-reactive, non-conductive, RF-transparent alternative. Our quality line of Fiberglass Booths, used for housing for people and equipment, are most commonly used Airports, Hospitals, Stadiums, Parking Lots and Toll Plazas.

Fiberglass HyTech Parking Booth

Our Fiberglass HyTech Booths are the premium line of fiberglass shelters available in a virtually limitless array of exterior colors.

Fiberglass EcoTech Toll Booth

For economy that lasts, an EcoTech booth is the answer! The EcoTech booth is 3’ x 5’ and comes with a standard attractive off-white finish.

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