Custom Fiberglass Products

With extensive experience in manufacturing quality fiberglass products, VPC offers a wide variety of high quality custom fiberglass products that are lightweight, durable, weatherproof and cost-effective. Our fabricators are able to work with your engineer's design to develop a quality, custom product that meets your specific needs.

By using state-of-the-art technology, VPC is proud of its independently recognized traditions of quality manufacturing aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction. By preventing nonconformity at all stages of the manufacturing process, including design, fabricating, and service both during and after installation, VPC ensures a custom product as original as its intended application. Your imagination is our drawing board.

Custom Fiberglass Spill Container

This fiberglass unit has a 20 gallon capacity with stainless steel hinged and lockable hatch. Adjustable legs allow the spill container to be set at a variety of heights from 16" to 30". Flexible boots are provided for simple connection to the remote fill or vapor lines. A lockable ball valve drain is provided for easy drainage. Resins used in the construction of this unit are chemically resistant to Ferric Chloride, Sulfuric Acid, and Sodium Bisulfate as required.

Fiberglass Utility Sink

This Multi-purpose sink provides a working area where water samples are being taken in Alabama. The basin is 12" deep with a drain and the supported shelf is designed with a slope toward the basin for drainage. Flanged feet allow mounting to a contrete pad with an anchor bolt.

Custom Odor Control Covers

This WWTP was plagued by a very common issue, controlling odor. The experienced professionals at VPC installed a custom fiberglass cover that will contain the odor and will not rust or corrode.

Custom Filtration Tank

Built to your specifications, VPC manufacturers custom filtration tanks. With many uses, this 8' diameter tank can be customized to suit any application.

Fiberglass Conservatory Tank

Custom Fan Housing

Fiberglass Oxygen Tank

Custom Air Stack

Fiberglass Cupola

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