Fiberglass Manhole Covers

America’s Best Source for Fiberglass Traffic Rated, Pedestrian Rated and Custom Fiberglass Manhole Covers and Adaptors

Virtual Polymer Compounds offers a variety of manhole covers for your convenience. From our all-fiberglass, road-ready, manhole frame and locking cover, to our standard hinged, dome cover, we have the solution for you. Lightweight manhole covers, that do not represent any scrap value, are easy to install and are strong and durable enough to withstand nearly any environment. VPC Fiberglass also provides custom manhole and vault solutions for openings of nearly all shapes and sizes. Whatever your project requires, VPC has you covered!

Fiberglass Hinged Lockable Manhole Cover

The VPC-2000 provided by VPC Fiberglass is a premium alternative to the heavy cast iron manhole frame and cover at an affordable cost. The hinged design of this unit allows easy access to the manhole.

Fibrelite Manhole Cover

Fibrelite Covers, distributed by VPC Fiberglass, are lightweight, watertight, and easily removable. These fiberglass covers are used in a wide range of applications including sewage systems, drainage networks, electrical junction boxes, and water treatment plants.

Fiberglass Custom Manhole Cover

In those non-traffic rated areas where a cover is needed, VPC can fabricate to your specifications a custom fiberglass solution. Give us the outside dimensions and the thickness of the cover, of nearly any size or shape, and we would be happy to provide a price.

Composite Access Cover

CAP composite manhole covers, sewer lids, and rain grates will eliminate the growing cost and headaches of theft for metal recycled content, danger and liabilities of open access holes, corrosion from H2S gases that bond and damage sewer lids, and lifting hazards from 150 to 250 lbs covers.

Fiberglass Lockable Manhole Cover

Completely secure H-20 traffic rated fiberglass manhole cover and frame. Structurally, the fiberglass cover and frame exceeds AASHTO H-20 standards and meets EN 124 Class D400 requirements and can be used on both pre-cast concrete and fiberglass manholes.

Fiberglass Manhole & Manhole Cover Accessories

Virtual Polymer Compounds has the design capabilities to provide solutions for nearly any project.

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