Staff Gauges

VPC offers a wide range of Staff Gauges that withstand the extremes of the elements, and are guaranteed not to chip, crack or ever rust. They are fabricated with modern day materials that offer advanced performance at reduced cost. The base material is two sheets of .010 tk white polyester painted aluminum with a black thermoplastic bonded core call DiBond. Graphics are solvent ink printed then top coated with 5 mils of clear polyester providing optimum chemical, abrasion and UV protection. Mounting holes (3/16) are provided at strategic points. You can drill the mounting holes larger or even cut the gauge to a shorter length without any detrimental loss of quality. Staff Gauges can also be adhered to fiberglass backing, or purchased as simply an adhesive backed gauge. Graphics are bolder, designed for clarity at greater distance and dimensional lines are flush bottom machined for accurate joining for multi-sectional gauges. Black graphics on a white or yellow background provide optimum contrast.

VPC also offers gallon rules made to your tank diameter from 12" to 12 ft diameters and agriculture irrigation rules. Custom lengths, widths and colors are available. Call today for more details!

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Tank Gauge Systems

VPC Fiberglass offers (2) styles of gauges. The first is a top mount system that sits on top of the tank. The second is a side mount system that mounts on the side of the tank. Each of those systems then get divided in a sweet service (water, wastewater or fluids that are allowed to vent to atmosphere) or severe service (harsh fluids or chemicals that are not allowed to vent to atmosphere). All the systems can be outfitted with level alarms to provide high level or low level set points if required.

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Drawings, Specs, & Additional Downloads

DiBond Staff Gauge Specs Fiberglass Staff Gauge Specs
Vinyl Staff Gauge Specs

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