VPC Traditional

Virtual Polymer Compounds (VPC)VPC supplies high-quality fiberglass products such as shelters, flumes, manholes and more to the industrial and municipal water and wastewater markets as well as government, commercial and residential customers. Our state-of-the-art technology provides excellent solutions whenever chemical and environmental challenges must be met.

Fiberglass products are an economical and non-corrosive solution for almost any application. Our sales and engineering staff work with our customers from project conception through installation to completion to ensure any customers’ needs and expectations are met through every stage of their order.

VPC is also able to repair and restore fiberglass products both on-site and at our Medina, NY facility. Our repair specialists are OSHA and confined space entry certified – learn more about VPC repairs here.

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Primary Plastics

Primary PlasticsThe Primary Plastics division of VPC Fiberglass manufactures Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ductwork. VPC has extensive experience manufacturing ductwork for a variety of corrosive and static pressure conditions. Our stocked tooling allows for quick production of round and rectangular duct, as well as a variety of fittings and elbow joints.



VPC offers round ductwork in diameters from 2″ to 96″ and a wide variety of rectangular duct sizes. Additionally, we offer duct fittings, including:

  • Round Duct
  • Square Dampers
  • Elbows
  • Eccentric Reducers
  • Y Branches
  • Tees
  • Laterals
  • Crosses
  • Concentric Reducers
  • Round Dampers
Strong and Durable

VPC’s Fiberglass duct is strong and durable, our fiberglass is filament wound with roving material. Continuous fiberglass strands are saturated with resin and machine-wound on a mandrel using a hoop-and-helix pattern. The duct wall thickness is determined by project specification and in conjunction with SMACNA standards. Standard FRP duct products meet the Flame Requirements of a Class 1 Duct per ASTM E-84. Optional resins and laminate schedules are available where greater corrosion or flame/smoke resistance is required.

Lightweight and Versatile

Our FRP Duct is lightweight for its strength, making it easy to handle. VPC provides the materials required to join sections of duct together on-site. FRP duct can be field installed using simple tools. The joining material is made of the same glass and resin combination as the duct. Duct can optionally be fabricated with flanged or bell and spigot joints. Factory manifolding is available to suit your needs.

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Composite Fan Technology

Composite Fan TechnologyFiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) fans from Composite Fan Technology (CFT) are the ultimate commercial fan solution, delivering maximum corrosion resistance in addition to the rugged construction, ease-of-maintenance, and efficient operation.

High Performing and Efficient

Almost completely unbreakable, the fiberglass reinforced fan is well recognized for its proven success in handling a wide range of corrosive applications, notably in chemical processing, pulp & paper, fertilizer industries as well as wastewater treatment plants or wherever corrosion resistance is a requirement. Their ability to exhaust moisture-laden environments is an extremely efficient and economical approach compared to fans built of other materials like plastic alloys or stainless steel.

More so, fiberglass fans can weigh nearly 30% less than traditional utility ventilators. This lightweight attribute reduces stress on the internal bearings and shaft, which extends the life of service. FRP fans bring a lower risk of faults that can lead to corrosive forces (which attack and compromise the base material).

Fiberglass has electrical insulation and dissipation properties, which make fiberglass fans well-suited for use in spark-resistant applications. When it comes to applications requiring both corrosion resistance and spark resistance, fiberglass fans are the ideal choice. Fiberglass is a fan material that is suitable for many applications, with characteristics that meet the toughest material handling and environmental challenges.

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EasyRec is our division of VPC Fiberglass that manufactures state-of-the-art, fiberglass commercial recreation equipment. EasyRec provides superior, affordable products, including stackable benches for athletics, education or public events and our ADA Compliant Pool Ladders and Stairs.

EasyRec has you covered with an exceptional product for any recreational facility!

ADA Easy Stair

Our ADA Easy Stair is fully compliant with ADA guidelines and regulations for pool access. Additionally, this product meets all of the NEC Bonding Codes. A perfect solution for the elderly, individuals with Arthritis, anyone needing recuperative therapy, young children, mother’s-to-be or those who are prevented from using a pool because of difficulty using a traditional vertical pool ladder.

This Easy Ladder revolutionizes “accessibility” for pool environments. It requires no deck nor pool modification of any kind, and is custom trimmed at the factory to fit almost any commercial pool. Lastly, ensure that lap-swim and competitive swimming are never compromised with quick and easy removal using the EasyRec Dolly (included with purchase). This product offers a proven and cost-effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of pool access.

Easy Stack Bench

Our indoor/outdoor benches by VPC Fiberglass are single-piece, fiberglass construction with a lightweight, stackable design. The marine-grade PloyCor® isophtalic exterior gel coat is offered in a plethora of colors, while the automotive grade, clear-coat, gloss finish protects your custom graphics against any wear, eliminates fingerprints, resists graffiti and prevents fading from the environment.

They’re a perfect fit for athletic fields, gymnasiums, poolside, locker rooms and temporary event arenas. Easy-to-handle, convenient to store, and no assembly required!

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InterActive Play

InteractivePlayInterActive Play is our division under VPC Fiberglass that develops waterpark play structures, splash pads and lazy rivers.

These water play models leverage InterActive Play’s proprietary software that introduces a new kind of waterpark technology that’s unmatched in the industry.

While other park systems operate on water volume alone, participants of InterActive Play parks are invited to interact with levers, switches and buttons that trigger computer sensors which activate water flow and pressurized air, greatly enhancing the user experience. With our ultimate consideration for the true science of play, guests are entertained for hours-on-end!

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