Industries Served

Water & WastewaterWater & Wastewater

As leaders in the development and production of high-quality fiberglass composites, our water and wastewater industry-supplied products are specifically designed to withstand the corrosive environment of water treatment facilities. Fiberglass provides excellent resistance to hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive agents typically found in these plants and offers the advantage of being lighter weight than stainless steel or concrete, enabling easy installation. Because fiberglass composites have excellent strength and can bear heavy loads, they can be used for both above-ground and underground applications.

VPC provides a wide range of products that service the wastewater treatment industry including Parshall Flumes, which measure influent, effluent, and equalization flows at treatment plants. VPC Fiberglass also offers several turn-key solutions for the wastewater treatment industry such as our Sewer Clog Reduction System and Sewer Rate Reduction System.


When working with a product that must withstand marine conditions, it is imperative that the product is durable and can withstand any weather or elemental conditions. Therefore, fiber-reinforced polymer products are ideal for both fresh and saltwater marine applications. They are the premier solution for corrosion resistance and offer unmatched strength and durability while remaining lightweight.

VPC Fiberglass provides enclosures and shelters, that have been trusted by Australian Maritime Systems to house monitoring equipment that warns of incoming storms, as well as by the U.S. Geological Survey to house sensitive seismic instrumentation in harsh environmental conditions.


Fiber-reinforced plastic is one of the most corrosion-resistant material options for those in the chemical industry. Solutions have been applied in scenarios such as the fertilizer industry, for acid storage or other highly corrosive materials.

Fiberglass offers the advantage of being non-porous and waterproof, offering complete leak-proof protection of potentially dangerous or hazardous materials.


Air Handling & HVAC

.Air Handling & HVAC

VPC manufactures fiber-reinforced plastic ductwork to a variety of corrosive static pressure standards. Our stocked tooling allows for quick production of round and rectangular ducts, as well as a variety of fittings and elbow joints.

Due to the flexibility of fiber-reinforced plastic, we can produce our products in any shape, or size allowing us to custom fabricate for projects with unique specifications or requirements, the ideal scenario for air handling and HVAC solutions.

Oil & GasOil & Gas

Fiberglass pump shelters are products VPC regularly supplies to the oil and gas industry. Pump shelters come in a variety of materials, but fiberglass provides the most reliable material that can contain spills while being durable and resistant to corrosion.

VPC has provided a standard or custom-sized fully insulated pump cover that can house three pumps at an oil refinery. The cover can be finished with an OSHA yellow gel coat.

Airports & VenuesAirports & Venues

Our line of HyTech and EcoTech premium fiberglass booths have been installed at airports, stadiums, hospitals, large parking lots, and toll plazas. These booths offer protection from the elements for toll attendants and employees while being able to withstand the elements and offering long-term durability.

Fiberglass shelters provide ease of maintenance, installation, and the flexibility to customize sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the needs of the venue.

Telecommunication & PowerTelecommunication & Power

Our products are structurally strong and lightweight; fiberglass is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and non-conductive, making it the perfect solution for safely housing telecommunications and electrical equipment. Our line of shelters and enclosures have routinely been used by top telecommunications companies.

VPC also manufactures fiberglass platforms, railings, and ladders which can be used by telecommunications professionals for maximum on-the-job safety.

Food & BeverageFood & Beverage

VPC products are designed to meet FDA and USDA criteria making them an ideal solution for the wet environments and harsh clean products used in the food & beverage industry. Our fiberglass platforms, stair, and handrails all have long-lasting, slip-resistant surfaces that significantly reduce the risk of on-site accidents.



Pulp & PaperPulp & Paper

The rugged nature of our fiberglass tanks, pipes, ducting, and fans are ideal for the highly caustic environment in pulp & paper processing. Our specialized resins are perfect for applications, such as bleach plant effluent, delignification, high temperature, and weak wash applications.



FRP is recognized as having superior corrosion resistance, when compared to specialty alloy metals, in aggressive hydrometallurgical environments. So whether you are in extraction or processing of basic metals and minerals such as zinc, manganese carbonate, cobalt, copper, and nickel — Fiberglass products are the appropriate choice.

With nearly limitless customization ability our engineers will design, manufacture and build for your mining and mineral needs.